Instruments used for measurements?

# Device/Instrument Use/Measure
1 Anemometer Wind speed/Velocity
2 Seismometer Earth Quake
3 Pyranometer Total incoming solar radiation
4 Albedometer Reflectivity
5 Net Radiometer Net Radiation
6 Quantum Sensor Photosynthetic Activr Radiation(PAR)
7 Pyrheliometer Direct solar radiation
8 Spectrometer Solar radiation in narrow wave bands
9 Thermometer Temperature
10 Android Barometer Atmospheric Pressure
11 Wind vane Wind Direction
12 Psychrometer Hygrometer Relative Humidity
13 Hygrograph Continuous record RH
14 Evaporimeter or atmometer Evaporation
15 Rain Gauge Rainfall
16 Gypsum blocks Soil Water Tension
17 Infiltrometer Infiltration Rate
18 Lysimeter Percolation and leaching loss
19 Shading Pyranometer Diffused Solar Radiation
20 Permeameter Permeability of Soil
21 Piche atmometer Evaporation rate of water
22 Piezometer Underground water pressure
23 Clinometer Height
24 Tensiometer Matric Potential
25 Infrared Thermometer Plant canopy temperature
26 Hydrometer Relative humidity of atmosphere
27 Auxanometer Growth of plant
28 Lactometer Lactose or specific gravity of milk
29 Manometer Root Pressure
30 Planimeter Leaf area



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