Herbicides and their trade name

# Question Answer
1 Atrazine Atratex, Atrataf
2 Alachlor Lasso
3 Butachlor Mechate
4 Dalapon Downfon
5 Isoproturon Ronak, Arelon
6 Fluchloralin Basalin
7 Monuron Telvar
8 Metalochlor Dual
9 Metribuzin Sencor
10 Lectophan Cobra
11 Nitrofen TokE-25
12 Oxadiazon Ronstar
13 Metsulfuron Escort
14 Oxyflorfen Goal
15 Paraquat Sweep, Gramoxone
16 Pendimethalin Stomp
17 Propanil Stamp F-34
18 Sulfosulfuron Leader
19 Benthiocarb Bolero
20 Glyphosate Roundup
21 2, 4-D Plantguard, Weedone
22 Earthing-up Potato, Sugarcane



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