Fathers of different disciplines

# Question Answer
1 Agronomy Pietro Decrescenzi
2 Agro meteorology D. N. Walia
3 Agricultural chemistry Justus von Liebig
4 Bacteriology Leuwenhoek
5 Biochemistry Justus von Liebig
6 The cooperative movement in India F. Nicholson
7 Extension education A. Seaman/Leagnes
8 Experimental genetics Thomas Hunt Morgan
9 Field plot experiment J. B. Boussingault
10 Fruit and vegetable preservation M. Nicholas Apart
11 Genetics Gregor Johann Mendel
12 Green revolution Dr. N. E. Borlaug
13 Green revolution in India M.S.Swaminathan
14 Golden revolution in India Dr. K.C. Chadha
15 Golden rice Dr. Ingo Potrykus
16 Hybrid rice Yuan Long Ping
17 Hybrid cotton C.T. Patel
18 Indian plant pathology E.J. Butler
19 Indian Rust Dr. K.C. Mehta
20 Microbiology Louis Pasture
21 Modern Genetics T.H. Morgan
22 Mutation Theory Hugo de vries
23 Ornamental Gardening M. S. Randhawa
24 Plant Pathology Anton De Bary
25 Plant Physiology Stephen Hales
26 Pedology V.V. Dokuchalev
27 Plant Tissue Culture G. Haberlandt
28 Sociology Auguste compte
29 Statistics R.A. Fisher
30 Soil Science Dokuchalev
31 Soil Microbiology S.N. Winogradsky
32 Super Rice Dr. G.H. Khush
33 Tillage and Weeds Jethro Tull
34 White Revolution Dr. Varghese Kurien



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