# Question Answer
1 Fiber present? 1.2%
2 Family? Grammineae
3 Origin? South West Asia(Turkey)
4 Fat percent? 1.5%
5 Protein percent(%)? 10-12%
6 Botanical name of Mexican dwarf wheat (87%area)? Triticum aestivum (2n=42)
7 Carbohydrate percent ? 67-72%
8 In the Green revolution which wheat variety used Lerma Rajo and Sonora 64
9 Which state leading in wheat production and area under cultivation of wheat? Panjab
10 Most critical growth stage of wheat? Crown root initiation stage (21DAS)
11 Inflorescence of wheat is called- Spike head or Ear
12 Wheat is Self-pollinated crop
13 Water requirement of Wheat? 40 ha.cm
14 Test weight of wheat- 40-46gram/1000grains



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