# Question Answer
1 Definition of Weed? Any plant not sown by farmer in the field is out of place called as weed.
2 Rogue means? Economical plants may also grow out of their proper places which terms as rogue and not weed. For Example: Presence of barely plant in wheat field.
3 Medicinal value of Guma or tumpa? Snake Bite
4 Medicinal value of "Oil of pivala Dutra" (Argemoni mexicana) Skin disease and itches
5 Medicinal value of Plant extract of pivli-tilwon? Pain of ear
6 Medicinal value of Dry plant fumeria parviflora? Purify blood and skin disease.
7 Medicinal value of seed of Tribulus terrestris (Puncture Ven) Rectifying kidney troubles
8 Medicinal value of Tridex procumbens(Fresh leaf juice) Cure fresh wound
9 Which is the world worst weed? Nut sadge(Cyperus rotundus) and Cynodon dactylon (Hariali)
10 Crop log technique- Applying fertilizers and irrigation to sugarcane after analyzing plant parts, usually active leaves and sheaths
11 What is mean by Rabbing? Burning of dry matter in the field to destroy the weed, mostly carried out in the Konkon area before preparing paddy nursery.
12 Mimicry weed means what? Weed with a similar morphological character like the associated crop called mimicry. e.g wild oat in wheat
13 Allelopathy/ Telotoxy effect means what? One plant has a harmful effect on another plant through the production of chemical compounds.
14 Chemotypes means what? Chemotypes means weed tolerant species /plants develop from prevalent species due to repeated use of particular herbicide
15 Stale seedbed technique means- Destroying 1-2 flushes of weeds before planting any crop is called as Stale seedbed technique
16 Pre-emergence herbicide - Application of chemicals after the planting of the crop
17 Wheat seed sowing Depth- Mexican variety<5cm(Short coleplite length), Niphad variety-6-8cm



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