Agronomy - 3

# Question Answer
1 The weight of 1000 seeds of a crop is called? Test weight
2 The weight of 100 seeds of a crop is called? Seed Index
3 Wavelength longer than ______ m/μ is not visible to the eye, and are called infrared 750
4 The mechanical manipulation of the soil is k/s as Tillage
5 The good physical condition of soil after tillage is Tilth
6 Who is the father of tillage? Jethro Tull
7 The tillage operation mainly aims to break, open and turn the soil Primary/tillage
8 The primary tillage implements are Deshi plough, MB plough, Ridge plough, Disk plough etc
9 .The tillage operation, done to create a good seedbed for proper seeding/planting Secondary tillage
10 The secondary tillage implements are Cultivator, Harrows, Hoe, Planker, Roller, etc.
11 The optimum range of available soil moisture for convenient and effective ploughing 50-75%
12 An ideal condition of soil for crop growth? Seed-bed
13 Conventional tillage involves Minimum tillage, Zero tillage and Conservation tillage.
14 The tillage aims to reduce tillage to the minimum necessary for ensuring a good seed-bed, rapid germination, satisfactory stands and favourable growing condition? Minimum tillage
15 The tillage referred to as no-tillage in which the crop is planted in unprepared soil Zero tillage
16 The word ‘Zero tillage’ was termed by Jethro Tull
17 A system of tillage in which organic residues are not inverted into the soil and used as a protective cover against erosion and evaporation losses of soil moisture? Conservation tillage or stubble mulch tillage
18 Conservation tillage tends to encourage Higher microbial population
19 The tillage implement used to break subsoil is Chisel plough
20 Ridge plough is used for Earthing-up and form ridges and furrows.
21 Star weeder is used for Weeding in dry lands and groundnut fields
22 Disc plough is used for Deep ploughing in grassed field
23 The rotary plough is used for Cut and pulverizes the light soil.
24 Harrows are used for Preparation of seedbed, destroy weeds
25 Mechanization index is found highest in Wheat crop



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