Agronomy - 2

# Question Answer
1 A close-growing crop, grown primarily to improve and protect the soil from erosion through their ground-covering foliage and/or roommates between periods of regular crop production? Cover Crops
2 When both main and intercrop is benefited to each other? Complementary Crops
3 The crops leave the field exhaustive after growing? Exhaustive Crops
4 Any crop or combination of crops is grown for grazing or harvesting for immediate or future feeding to livestock? Ley Crops
5 Such crops are grown to conserve the soil moisture through their ground covering foliage? Mulch Crops
6 The seed of succeeding crops is sown broadcast at 10 to 15 days before harvesting rice crop? Paira/Utera Crops
7 Generally, the third row of the crop is removed or growing of crop in pair row and the third the row is escaped with an object to conserve the soil moisture in Dryland areas? Paired row Crops
8 Crops, those are grown to protect the main cash crop from a certain pest or several pests? Trap Crops
9 Cereals are botanically Caryopsis
10 The more nutrient exhaustive family is Poaceae (Graminae)
11 The non-edible oilseed crops are Castor and Linseed
12 The Indian originated field crops are Arhar, Mung, Urd, Cotton, Jute, Kodo, Kutki, Oat etc.
13 Kharif crops are generally denoted as Short day plants
14 Rabi crops are generally denoted as Long day plants
15 Day neutral Plants are Cotton, maize, sunflower, safflower, groundnut, buck wheat, tomato.
16 The optimum time of sowing for Kharif crop June-July
17 The optimum time for Rabi crop Last week of October to the first week of November
18 The optimum depth of sowing for most field crops 3-5 cm
19 The recommended fertilizer dose (N:P:K) for cereal crops are 4:2:1
20 The recommended fertilizer dose (N:P:K) for pulse crops are 1:2:1 or 1:2:2
21 The recommended fertilizer dose (N:P:K) for oilseed crops are 3:2:1
22 The recommended fertilizer dose (N:P:K) for fodder and fibre crops are 2:1:4
23 The C3 Plants are Rice, Wheat, Barley, Pea, Gram, Mustard and Rye, Cotton, Arhar, Soybean, Sunflower, Lentil, Sugarbeet, Tomato etc.
24 The C4 Plants are Maize, Sorghum, Bajra, Sugarcane, Millets.
25 The CAM Plants are Pineapple, khajur, cactus, sisal.



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