Agronomy - 1

# Question Answer
1 Father of agronomy is? Peter Decresenzi
2 Father of Tillage Jethro Tull
3 First man maid cereal is Triticale
4 Study of Grasses is called Agrostology
5 Sun loving crops Heliophytes
6 Shade loving plants Sciophytes
7 Long day plants Wheat, Barly, Sugarbeet (Generally Rabi)
8 Short day plants Rice, Maize, millet, soybean(generally Kharif)
9 Day neutral plants Tomato, Sunflower, Cotton etc
10 Khaira disease in rice is due to? Zinc deficiency
11 Soil sickness is caused by? Jowar, Linseed
12 Supplemental irrigation can be given to save the crops in? Dry Farming
13 Atmospheric gas that is harmful and toxic to the plant is? SO2
14 Stress hardening in plants can be achieved by? ABA
15 Maximum allowable biuret content of Urea? 1.5%
16 Vertical mulch is used in soils? Black cotton soil
17 Soil moisture tension directly measured by? Tensiometer
18 Post-harvest losses for cereal account for? 10%
19 Saltation is a process of? Wind erosion
20 The sowing method generally used in dryland Broadcasting
21 Crops were grown for the conservation of soil moisture known as? Mulch Crop
22 Type of soil water that is most useful for plants Capillary water
23 ‘Agriculture’ word is derived from Latin word (agri+culture)
24 A branch of agricultural science which deals with principles and practices of soil, water, and crop management. Agronomy
25 “Agronomy” word is derived from words? Greek (agros+nomos)
26 Crops that are cultivated on ploughed land? Arable crops
27 An agroforestry practice in which perennial, preferably leguminous trees or shrubs are grown simultaneously with the arable crop? Alley crops or hedge-row intercrops
28 Crops that are grown to supplement the yield of the main crops? Augment Crops
29 Crops, which protect another crop from trespassing of animals or restrict the speed of the wind and are mainly grown as border Border/Guard Crops
30 A crop, grown for direct sale rather than for livestock feed or a crop grown by a farmer primarily for sale to others rather than for his or her own use? Cash Crops
31 Two major commercial crops are (i) Cotton (ii) Sugarcane
32 Crops that are cultivated to catch the forthcoming season when the main crop is failed? Catch/Contingent Crops



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