Crops, Their Botanical Name and Origin

# Question Answer
1 Rice B.N-Oryaza sativa, Origin-South Esat Asia (Indo-Burma)
2 Wheat B.N-Triticum aestivum, Origin-south west Asia (Turkey)
3 Maize B.N-Zea mays, Origin-central Americ And Mexico
4 Sorghum/Jowar B.N-Sorghum bicolor, Origin-Africa
5 Bajra/Pearl millet B.N-Pennisetum glaucum, P. typhoides, P. americanum, Origin-Africa
6 Barley B.N-Hordeum vulgar, Origin-Asia and Abyssinia
7 Ragi/Finger millet B.N-Eleusina coracana, Origin-Africa
8 Proso Milet/Cheena B.N-Panicum miliaceum, Origin-India
9 Barnyard millet/sawan B.N-Echinocola frumentacea, Origin-Central Asia
10 Koda millet B.N-Paspalum scrobiculatum, Origin-S.E. Asia
11 Foxtail/German/Italian millet B.N-Setaria italica, Origin-China
12 Chickpea/Gram B.N-Cicer arietinum, Origin- S.W. Asia
13 Pigeon Pea/Tur B.N.-Cajanus cajan, Origin-India
14 soybean B.N.-Glycine max, Origin-China
15 Pea B.N.-Pisum sativum, Origin-S. Europe &W. Asia
16 Lentil B.N.-Lens esculenta, Origin-Mediterranean region
17 Green Gram/ Moong B.N.-Vigna radiata, Origin-India
18 Black gram / Urd B.N.-Vigna mungo, Origin-India
19 Cowpea/Lobia B.N.-Vigna unguiculata, Origin-Africa
20 Groundnut B.N.-Arachis hypogea, Origin- Brazil
21 Sesamum/Til B.N.-Sesamum indicum, Origin-S.W.Africa & India
22 Castor B.N.-Ricinus communis, Origin- Africa
23 Rapeseed B.N.-Brassica napus
24 Mustard B.N.-Brassica juncea, Origin- China
25 Linseed/Flax B.N.-Linum usitatissimum, Origin- S.W. Asia
26 Safflower B.N.-Carthamus tinctorius, Origin- India, Afghanistan & Ethiopia
27 Sunflower B.N.-Helianthus annus, Origin- southern USA & Mexico
28 Cotton B.N.-Gossypium spp., Origin- India
29 Jute 1)White jute 2) Tossa 1)B.N.-Corchorus capsularis, Origin-Indo-Myanmar
2)B.N.-Corchorus olitorius, Origin- Africa
30 Sunhemp B.N.-Crotalaria junceae, Origin-India & Myanmar
31 Oat B.N.-Avena sativa
32 Napier grass B.N.-Pennisetum purpureum
33 Berseem/Egyptian clover B.N.-Trifolium alexandrium
34 Lucerne/Alfalfa B.N.-Medicago sativa
35 Cluster bean/Gaur B.N.-Cyamopsis tetragonoloba
36 Sugarcane B.N.-Saccharum officinarum, Origin-New Guinea
37 Sugar beet B.N.-Beta vulgaris, Origin-Mediterranean region
38 Potato B.N.-Solanum tuberosum, Origin-Peru, South America
39 Tabacco B.N.-Nicotiana tabacum, Origin-America



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