# Question Answer
1 Plant growth regulator used as sugarcane ripener is? Glyphosate
2 The scientific name of sugarcane - Saccharum officinarum
3 Origin of Sugarcane- New Guinia
4 Father of sugarcane breeding in India? T. Venkatraman
5 Inflorescence of sugarcane is known as..........? Arrow
6 Which method followed where sugarcane fields get submerged under flood? Rayungan Method
7 Why upper 1/2 to 2/3 portion of sugarcane used for seed material? The high percent of reducing sugar (glucose) content and low sucrose
8 Suru (12Month) sugarcane Planting time- December to January
9 Pre seasonal (15Month) Sugarcane planting time- 15 October to 15 November
10 Adsali (18Month) sugarcane Planting time - 15 July to 15 August
11 Mature cane specific gravity is .... 17 ┬░brix
12 Grassy shoot in sugarcane caused due to? Mycoplasma like organism
13 Red rot of sugarcane caused due to? Collectotrichum falcutum
14 Sugarcane smut caused due to? Ustilago scitaminea
15 The crop log technique is given by Dr. Clement for which crop? Sugarcane
16 A seed rate of sugarcane - 25,000 - 30,000(3 eye bud) sets/ha and 45,000-50,000 (2eye bud) sets/ha
17 Critical growth condition for irrigation of sugarcane- Formative stage (60 DAS)



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